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Hire Ian to work on your Scala project, either on-site or remotely.


Starting on your journey with Scala? We can provide an on-site beginner Scala workshop. Contact us to enquire


We have contribute open source Scala software to the community. Take a look at our oss page for more details

The Team

Ian Forsey

Hi! I'm Ian. I'm a developer at Lemon Labs. 2008-2016 I worked at Net-A-Porter authoring their first Scala project in 2011 whilst working in the labs team. Over the following five years I drove Net-A-Porter's investment in Scala, providing beginner Scala workshops for near 100 employees, opensourcing as much as possible, speaking about Net-A-Porter's use of Scala at LSUG and Scala eXchange. By 2015 Net-A-Porter had 15+ Scala applications in production across 7+ teams.

Today I enjoy taking this experience to help other companies with their Scala projects. Check out my CV for more details.


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